My adventure at Fjällräven Polar – en

Hello to everybody!

I have just applied to Fjällräven Polar.

I have always dreamed to live an experience beyond the polar circles but, as to get there I also need your votes, I ask you to be so nice to follow this link and vote for me on their website.

Fjällräven Polar is a wonderful adventure from Signaldalen, Norwegian Alps, to Väkkäräjärvi in Swedish Lapland. 300 km of arctic landscapes on dogsled.

April 9th to 16th 2018. It could seem spring time but, as all the way is beyond the arctic polar circle, those days will be the first ones with the sun rising from the horizon.

I promise you that if I succeed to go I will share with you, on my website and my socials, all the wonders of that land!

In the meanwhile I have released a welcoming video for all the “travellers”.

Please do not forget to vote for me!

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